GPIB-USB Controller 4.2 Release Notes

Version 6.95 (September 29, 2010)

  1. Reliability improvements in DEVICE mode operation.
  2. Support for Gigatronics/Wavetek analyzers.

Version 6.91 (September 14, 2009)

  1. Added ++savecfg command to enable, or disable, automatic saving of configuration parameters. See manual for details.

Version 6.9 (May 1, 2009)

  1. Added secondary address support. See manual for details.
  2. Added support for device mode serial poll status byte. See manual for details.
  3. Several reliability and compatibility enhancements.

Version 6.7 (April 5, 2009)

  1. Fixed defect causing HP 8756 to lockup during device plots.

Version 6.4 (Feb 24, 2009)

  1. Fixed defect causing spurious characters to be generated on startup.
  2. Fixed defect causing lockup when changing modes.

Version 6.3

  1. Enhanced compatibility with various network analyzers (such as 8757E).

Version 5.4

  1. ++trg command expanded to specify multiple addresses. See manual for details.
  2. Serial polling updated to support certain firmware versions of HP875x analyzers.

Version 5.2

  1. LF or CR may be used as USB input terminators. USB input may now be terminated by CR, LF, or CR+LF.
  2. ++read_tmo_ms delay may now be set as low as 1 millisecond.

Version 5.0

  1. This release has no end-user visible changes.

Version 4.65

  1. ++read command augmented to terminate on EOI or user specified character.
  2. Controller mode serial poll now uses ++read_tmo_ms value.
  3. CR and LF can be escaped by preceding them with the ESC character.

Version 4.60

New Features

  1. ++read command.
  2. LF as USB input terminator is now optional. USB input may be terminated by CR only; LF, if present, is ignored.

Defect Fixes

  1. Address change while in ++auto 0 mode does not work.
  2. ++loc command while in ++auto 0 mode disables further communication with device.
  3. Controller mode serial poll does not work.
  4. Added 4s timeout to controller mode serial poll.
  5. Device mode serial poll does not conform to spec.
  6. Controller does not respond to host commands during GPIB data flood.
  7. ++auto 0 does not address remote device to listen.
  8. ++auto command behavior not the same as in firmware version 3.x.

Thanks to Gerry G., Didier J. and John M. for their help in testing.